Good Luck Ads

Deadline to submit and pay for ads – friday december 20, 2019

You can pay, fill out the form and upload files right here on this page! 

Wish your gymnast, level or team good luck in our program with a good luck ad! Your ad can include a photo or text or both. You can complete and upload your own ad or submit text and photo/s and we will do it for you. Just pay for your ad below and then fill out and submit the form to upload text, images or a complete ad. Ads must be paid for when they are submitted. 

Full page – 8"x10.5" – $50
Half Page – 8"x5.125" – $25
1/4 Page – 3.875"x5.125" – $15
1/8 Page – 3.875"x2.4375" – $10

: All good luck ads will be printed in black and white. If you submit color ads or photos they will be converted to black and white. 
: You can submit completed ads or photos and text. Please be aware of length of text vs ad size. Click image at right for examples
: File formats – for complete ads, we prefer hi rez press quality PDF files. We will also accept hi rez (300dpi at full size) jpeg, tiff or eps files or native InDesign or Illustrator files. For photos we prefer large size jpeg files.
: We require your name and email in case we have questions and need to contact you. Your contact information will not appear in your Good Luck ad. 

Good Luck Ad
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Deadline for submission and payment is Friday December 20, 2019. View your cart to checkout and pay!

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We recommend the following amount of text for the ad size you are choosing:
Full page ad – headline 8-12 words, message 40-80 words
Half page ad – headline 8-12 words, message 30-40 words
1/4 page ad – headline 6-10 words, message 16-20 words
1/8 page ad – headline 6-10 words, message 16-20 words
Recommended word counts assume you are including photos. Click image above to see examples.