What got you interested in gymnastics?
Mia was 3 years old when she was in ballet dance class, and we would always pass by the gym. There were times where she would just rather stand there and look at the girls on the bars, than put on a tutu! As exiting it was for her, she was interested in gymnastics from seeing all the other gymnasts and made the decision herself that gymnastics is what she wanted to do.

Who are you inspired by?

Favorite event
Bars because I like to practice giants

Most memorable meet experience
The most memorable meet was when many of Mia's family members came to watch, and cheered for her. Although the meet was far away Mia says that it was worth going and trying her best was the best part! She is very proud to say that she has great family members, and will never forget this meet. 

Ice skating, piano and coloring

Personal goals
To get my giants by myself

Gymnastics achievements
First place on bars

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