Senior Recognition

Deadline to submit – friday March 15, 2019

You can fill out the form and upload files below.

We would like to recognize all senior gymnasts in our program at the Optional State meet. Each senior will have 1/4 page space. You can include a photo or text or both. You can complete and upload your own ad or submit text and photo/s and we will do it for you. It's completely up to you what you'd like to include.

: All senior recognition pages will be printed in black and white. If you submit color images, they will be converted to black and white. 
: If you upload text and photos we'll put your senior's info together for you and make it look great.
: If you'd like to layout your own and upload it, please be sure it is 3.875"x5.125" and follows one of the files formats listed below.
: File formats – for complete files, we prefer hi rez press quality PDF files. We will also accept hi rez (300dpi at full size) jpeg, tiff or eps files or native InDesign or Illustrator files. For photos we prefer large size jpeg files.
: We require your name and email in case we have questions and need to contact you. Your contact information will not appear in your senior's piece.  

fill out the form and upload photos or files