Garden Bar (Monday June 24)


Garden Bar (Monday June 24)

from 5.00

Choice of fresh, healthy, handcrafted salads and wraps! Salad baskets are 32 oz and are enough for a full meal. Mini salads are 12 oz and make a good side.

Wraps are $9.50 / Salad Baskets $11.50-$12.50 / Mini Salads $5.50

Chicken Caesar
Romaine, herb roasted chicken, organic rainbow carrots, pepitas, shaved parmesan, basil caesar dressing - spinach tortilla for wrap, housemade croutons for salad.

District Cobb
Romaine, herb roasted chicken, crispy bacon, avocado spread, buttermilk blue cheese dressing - chipotle tomato tortilla for wrap, cage free egg for salad (salad is gluten free).

Cowboy Up
Romaine, organic arugula, antar's marinated angus steak, chimichurri, roasted yukon potatoes, buttermilk blue cheese dressing - garlic herbed tortilla for wrap, cirspy chickpeas for salad (salad is gluten free).

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