We are an Oregon non-profit corporation founded to promote all aspects of the sport of amateur gymnastics, including participation, competition, knowledge, and interest with respect to the sport.

The members of the club are the parents of Westside Academy's girls competitive artistic gymnastics team. The Parents' Club supports the team and helps raise funds to allow them to travel and compete.

2016–2017 Board members

Co-Presidents – Kirsten Finstad and Ann Jackman
Co-Vice Presidents – David Gassaway and Mike Hebda
Secretary – Annie Fausto
Co-Treasurers – Carol Boyd and Becky Hebda
Communications – Kim McCann
Fundraising Co-Chairs - Gloria Obuchowski and Amber Wilson
Co-Meet Coordinators – Tim Atkinson and Audrey Cheng
Compulsory Team Reps – Melissa Trees and Kristy Young
Optional Team Rep – Karna Barnard

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Contact us via email - westsidegymnasticspc@gmail.com or call Westside Academy at 503.639.5388.